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US Military Delivers 2.7 Million Meals to WMO

Wow! How Cool is this!

Reserve Airmen from the 512th Airlift Wing delivered humanitarian supplies to Nicaragua aboard a C-5M Super Galaxy Dec. 20, 2014 just in time for the Holidays. 125,000 pounds of food and educational equipment were airlifted to Nicaragua's Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua. The massive delivery was made possible through the humanitarian assistance transportation that utilizes space available military air, surface and sea-lift assets. The supplies were provided to World Missions Outreach, which is an international nonprofit organization based in Nicaragua that provides food, education, medical and ministry services to the country's citizens.(U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Steve Lewis)

Donna Wright with the US Military Service Men that delivered the Shipment

With the assistance from the US Military World Missions Outreach is able to continue providing hot meals for 15,000 children daily at 80 locations across Nicaragua! Just before the aircrew closed the C-5M ramp and began preparing the aircraft for its trip back home, Donna was able to shake the hands of everyone involved with Saturday's humanitarian mission and thanks them for their efforts.

"We have great pride in the United States and our service members on these humanitarian missions have brought food, school kits, health kits, clothes and shoes for the children here," said Donna. "We appreciate the help and support from our U.S. military!"

The humanitarian mission to Nicaragua provided the 512th AW C-5M Reservists with an opportunity to train on the numerous aspects of operating and maintaining the aircraft. Pilots were able to conduct mission planning and meet flight hours, maintenance crew chiefs ensured the aircraft operated smoothly and loadmasters optimized the placement of cargo for a safe flight. The relief supplies being delivered on behalf of the Department of Defense also supported the diplomatic efforts of the U.S. embassy in Nicaragua. Col. Matthew D. Anderson, senior defense official and attaché for the embassy, said the U.S. has been working to increase their cooperation with the Nicaraguan government on matters like humanitarian and disaster relief. "Having the U.S. Air Force support us by delivering food to thousands of children here is a huge deal," said Col. Anderson. "The Dover C-5M and its aircrew were instrumental in participating in an important program." For Donna Wright and World Missions Outreach, the delivery of humanitarian aid by the U.S. Air Force Reserve's 512th AW provides a lasting impact on her organization and the children in Nicaragua.

Thank you to out US Military & 2nd Lt. Steve Lewis for all your assistance in helping WMO continue to change lives and make a difference!


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