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Funds Needed for New Roof

Nicaragua has been hit with multiple devastating hurricanes in the past year, hurricane Iota being the strongest storm to hit in the country's history. These storms, along with the expected damages caused by Nicaragua's rainy season (May-November), cause damage to the roofs of the World Missions Outreach school, church and warehouse. Repairs for these roofs are needed on average every 5-6 years, but with the severity of this past season's weather, we are in even greater need of a new roof.

Our fundraising goal to be able to have these roofs repaired is $18,000. This amount will allow us to cover roof repairs on all three WMO buildings.

Costs To Repair

  • School roof: $9,060

  • Church roof: $3,420

  • Warehouse roof: $5,160

  • Total repair cost: $18,000

As we are currently in the middle of the rainy season, leaking caused by the school's roof damage has created issues for not only teachers trying to take care of their supplies but also a very challenging learning environment for students who are eager to get an education. Repairing the roof of WMO church and warehouse are also priorities. The warehouse stores all of the food that provides 15,000 meals a day to those in need, so a proper storage environment is vital to safe food storage—the roof damage has begun to cause issues for this environment.

See this satellite image of the damages.

$18,000 is a big number, but we serve an even bigger God who we are trusting to provide for us in all circumstances!

Your Donation Reaches Beyond A Roof

We have had three back-to-back years of no mission teams being able to serve through our programs. Short term mission teams are how our ministry allocates the finances needed to keep our church, schools, and community feeding programs open. Without mission teams, we have no way to support the financial demands and needs of our ministry.

For 21 years, we have put all of our heart and soul into World Missions Outreach. We have dedicated our lives to be a lighthouse of hope that is built on the Promises of God for the Kingdom of God. We cling to the truth of Acts 20:24 - "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."

These videos show some of the damages to our school, church and warehouse roofs.

World Mission Outreach focuses on providing a hand up, not just a handout. Our mission is to end the generational cycle of poverty through faith, education, and nutrition. We provide trade skill classes to equip our students with the tools to bring food to the table and career for their future. We provide 15,000 meals a day and 5.4 million meals a year across our three schools and 40 community outreach programs and churches.


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