Feeding the 5000

What is Feed 5000?

Feeding the Five-Thousand is a non-profit organization that is reaching out to communities asking them to donate their new or used bowls, spoons, and cups to the children of Nicaragua, so they will be able to eat during their feeding services.

You can also visit the Kids Dollar Store to automatically purchase bowls, spoons and cups. It is easy and instant! Click the icon above to start now.

Kids Dollar Store


Your donation will go to help purchase bowls, spoons, cups and shipping expenses to Nicaragua. We appreciate your support!

Our mission is to make a difference in Nicaragua through providing empty hands with bowls, so that World Mission Outreach can provide their empty bellies with food. We are focused on alleviating the roots of poverty, not just the symptoms.

Our Mission

While we (Amanda, Lindsay, and Taylor) were on a missions trip to Nicaragua in 2011, we were able to serve in several communities by feeding the children at church services. These children are provided one meal a day, five days a week through programs that are sponsored by World Mission Outreach. At these services, the children are to bring a bowl for the food that we served them, but throughout the week we noticed several of the children not eating. We later came to find that they weren't eating because they didn't have a bowl. Some of the children had a bowl but no spoon, and they would scoop the hot soup or rice in their hands to eat it. This broke our hearts! With Feeding the Five-Thousand, we hope to change this for these children. Our focus will be promoting this Feed5000 in high schools, colleges, churches, and events to raise support for these children!

Why Feed 5000?

How Can You Help?

We are asking everyone who can to help participate in our efforts to provide these children with spoons, bowls, and cups. They can be new or used, all we ask is that they do not have any holes or cracks in them. We will be available to pick up donations once you contact Feed 5000. We will also be holding fundraisers where you can bring these items to us directly, learn more about this organization and the children of Nicaragua.

We want to expand our efforts in Schools and Colleges. If you would like to start a Feed 5000 drive please contact us here.

Feeding the 5000