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World Missions Outreach believes that the main way to end the generational cycle of poverty is through education.

Our Christian based curriculum includes chapel, Bible study, core education classes, trade skills, self-sustainability education, English, computers, sewing, cooking, woodworking, craftsmanship & more.

Nicaragua Christian School

Primary, Middle, and High School

Los Andes Christian  School

Established in 2006

What Separates Us?

We are just as over the sad, shock factor, depressing images that have been used + abused to guilt you into giving. This method has desensitized the concept of real poverty + adversities. 


Are they real? Yes. Do we work in those areas? Of course; but the abuse of charity & the glamorization of poverty to guilt you into giving is not what we are about. 

We want you to feel excited to help. We want you to be a part of ending the generational cycle of poverty, not just enabling it.


We want you to see the actual change! 

World Missions Outreach is revolutionizing the

way you look at charity, missions & giving

world missions outreach nicargua christian school

This isn't just a one time hand out that you will never know its effect.

This is a way that we can truly measure the success of combating childhood hunger  + end the generational cycle of poverty. We are giving students a chance at a different future. This is how you change the future. 

World Missions Outreach

What is

Our Success 

We have students who never imagined graduating high school that has gone onto college and now have well-established careers that help support their families.


We have students who are now doctors, lawyers, translators, and even teach at our WMO Schools.

In Nicaragua, more than 50% of students drop out of school to find odd and end jobs to help provide food for their families before they ever reach high school.

This is the now generation. These  are the students who are going to make a difference in their communities. These are the faces of ambitious young adults who beat all the odds stacked against them! These are the faces of the Future

It's simple! We measure our success by the success of our students that have gone through our program!


We provide not just a hand out, but a hand up!  We focus on education + nutrition - physically, mentally, spiritually.


We provide students with a chance to learn + receive an education through core fundamental courses + trade skill classes such as agriculture, woodwork, English, computer tech + more.


Our Success 

Naming Rights Partnership

World Missions Outreach

is looking for an Educational

Partner for our schools

World Missions Outreach is looking for a  partner to help us continue providing a future for students through education, faith, and nutrition to keep our school doors open.

We are offering the opportunity to partner with 1 or all 3 of our schools. World Missions Outreach will provide naming rights in honor of celebrating your partnership

Together we can end the generational cycle of poverty. We want you to be part of the way God is revolutionizing missions through equipping the Now Generation with tools of education and faith!


Together we rise! So now the only question is, will you lend us your name and help change the future for this generation and generations to come?

World Missions Outreach Nicaragua

Success! We have received your message & will be in contact with your shortly.

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