Sponsor's Day Out

Meet Danny & Sharon

Danny & Sharon have been sponsoring a 6th grader, Randy, at World Missions Outreach's School for 4 years. Their daughter, Kimberly, also sponsors a 3rd grader named Ana Cristine.

Danny & Sharon are in Nicaragua with us till Wednesday. Over the past few years they have built a relationship with Randy & his family through World Missions Outreach's Child Sponsorship program (click in to learn more about the program).

This year Danny, Sharon & Kimberly wanted to send Randy & Ana back to school with all the supplies and confidence they would need!

Danny & Sharon with Randy & Ana

This families generosity didn't stop there!

Earlier this week, Sharon let us know that they had some extra funds!

Randy & Ana brought two friends... and then there were four!

Danny & Sharon with Jereling, Alfrado, Randy & Ana

Danny & Sharon took these four, full of shy smiles and tons of giggles, to the market for new uniforms, shoes, bookbags and school supplies! Without sponsors like Danny & Sharon, these precious children would not be able to get new uniforms or shoes.

The excitement, smiles, giggles & squeals of joy only added to the fun!

But..... it didn't just stop there!

On the way back home Danny & Sharon suprised the kids with a trip to McDonalds. Each one of the kids told us that they had never been to a McDonalds!

NEVER BEEN TO MCDONALDS! Let that sink in....

These kids have never been to any type of restaurant or store like that, EVER! This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for them.

The kids enjoyed happy meals, ice cream and playing in the jungle gym! I have never seen kids smile so big and laugh so much while they enjoyed something as common for us as a McDonalds!

At home the 'Golden Arches' are always a jump, hop, and a skip away! Here in Nicaragua, McDonalds is a true luxery that most of these kids will never experience in their lifetime!

These gifts, trip and experience would not be possible if it wasn't for our child sponsors like Danny & Sharon.