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Our Program is more than just about money to fund the school or cover costs. It’s about developing relationships between a child and their sponsor to better lives, create incredible opportunities, and to change the cycle of poverty.

Sponsoring a Child Nicaragua

A Child


What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is an individual who wants to personally invest and make a difference in the life of a child that is in need with just 1 dollar a day. 

What Does a Sponsor Do?
When you agree to sponsor a child, you agree to send $30 a month to invest in their education & build a mentoring relationship that will change their future forever. 

Sponsoring a student changes the future 


More Likely to

Graduate College 


More Likely to Become Community Leaders


More Likely to Become a Teachers


More Likely To Become Church Leaders


More Likely to

Have White Color Jobs


More Likely to Complete High School Education


Have Access to Clean Drinking Water & Nutritious meals. 


Have Access to Education

Trade Skill Entrepreneur   Opportunities

facts don't lie. Sponsoring a Child is a powerful Way to end Poverty 

Sponsorship Proven Success

We are breaking damaging

stereotypes that have create distrust

within giving & charity. We by building

relationships, developing mentor programs,

 providing interactive communication, teaching self-sustainability 

To often,

we dehumanize others

World Missions Outreach is revolutionizing
international missions & sponsorship programs. 

We are not just masking the symptoms, but

combating the actual root of poverty. 

adversities look different than our own. Many sponsorship programs 

have unintentionally enabled dependence on outside assistance. This

creates a damaging effect on children by not creating the development

of self-sustainability or independence.

because their circumstances or

education & cultivating leaders

as catalyst to their own communities

through sponsors & their

sponsored student! 

How do I sponsor?

1Choose a girl or boy to sponsor. 

When you sponsor a child, you give them the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. Help make a difference and change the life of a child physically, mentally & spiritually. Sponsoring a child doesn't just benefit the child you choose to sponsor, but it also enriches your own life by being able to make a difference in an authentic & tangible way! 

Child Sponsorship Program Nicaragua

What Happens Next?

2. Sponsor Student Profile & Correspondance

After you sponsor a child, you will receive an email with information on your sponsored student with a link to access your personal sponsor profile. The Sponsor Profile allows you to receive constant updates with photo, written letter (with translation) & about their personal story.

-You will have a password protected communication 

portal. This allows you to stay connected & start building a relationship with your sponsored student.

-You will be able to write to and receive letters from your sponsored child

-If you plan a mission trip with WMO, you can meet your sponsored child in person

-Please allow us up to 72 hours to create your sponsor student profile.

Sponsor a child in Nicaragua

Ready to Sponsor! 

3Let's make it official! 

Click on a grade level below to select a child to sponsor. 

1. Select a child

2. Read their story

3. Sign up & start changing the future 

 Sponsor a Child

Select a child to Sponsor.

Once you Sponsor a child you will receive confirmation.

No one else will be able to sponsor your child.

Expect a hand written letter from you sponsored child with in the next 3 weeks.

 Grade Sponsorships

All sponsorship's are non-refundable. 

You can cancel your next monthly sponsorship at anytime.

Sponsor a Child Nicaragua

Be chosen as someone's sponsored Student

Have the opportunity to receive an education

Clean drinking water & food

Clothing, Shoes & Hygiene Supplies

Learn trade skills to support myself & my family

Build a relationship with a mentor

Be the first in my family to graduate high school

A chance for a better future & a real career

My Bucket List

Real Sponsors & Students 

Since meeting Hassel in 2015, my husband and I have developed a deep love and compassion for her. We’ve only seen her once since then, but through WMO’s online communication program, we are able to communicate with her often. She isn’t just a girl in another country who we send money to for sponsorship. She’s a part of our family. We pray for her all the time, and we are slowly and steadily developing a relationship with her and her family.

Why is Sponsorship Important?

Sponsor a Child Nicaragua

Real Talks With

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