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Does Sponsoring a Students Really Make a Difference?

World Missions Outreach Sponsored Students

This is Elizabeth. She is in the 2nd grade at our WMO school in Nicaragua. I sponsor Elizabeth so she can receive an education, clean water, daily meals, medical supplies, shoes, clothes and more.

This scholarship, per say, is a way to create a culture of self-sustainability.

See, we love to give and provide assistance when it's needed, but we also want to change the way people look at giving. By giving these students a chance to learn and receive an education of core fundamental courses & trade skill classes such as agriculture, woodwork, English, computer tech and others; we are giving them a chance at a different future.

This isn't just a one time hand out that you will never know or actually see it make a change. This is a way that we can truly give longevity to combating childhood hunger and end the generational cycle of poverty. You can actually see and measure the growth, development and DIFFERENCE your contribution makes.

How is that?

Through the 15 years of WMO our schools have produced teachers, lawyers, doctors, translators, hospitality managers and many other professions. For almost all of these students, they are the first of their family to complete high school, graduate and go on to have careers.

This is the most authentic way of how we can measure the difference you make!

I hope you will consider joining the revolution of this new movement to help the way we think of giving and change a life of a student forever!

It is $30 bucks. Most of you spend more than that on coffee per month. Coffee is great, but changing the future is pretty incredible too!

Our sponsors have the opportunity to come visit their students in Nicaragua. This is a special way to invest even more into their future and see the difference you are making first hand. Many of our sponsors visit their sponsored students at least once a year. WMO Students lives are forever changed through the generous hearts of their sponsors.

Here are some of our favorite memories of our sponsors with their sponsored students.

This is Enayda & Bill, her sponsor. Eneyda's family asked Bill to walk Eneyda in her 6th grade graduation ceremony. What an honor! This is such a sweet example of how Bill and his wife Janet have truly impacted Eneyda and her families life!

World Missions Outreach Sponsored Students

World Missions Outreach Sponsored Students

World Missions Outreach Sponsored Students

World Missions Outreach Sponsored Students


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