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The Dutchin Family decide to change Stacey's life forever.

We want to give a big shout out to Shawn Dutchin & Kelsey for making the decision to change Stacey, one of our WMO students, life forever! On their recent trip with English Lutheran Church - La Crosse, WI mission team, the Durchin family made a connection with Stacey! Kelsey and Stacey played games and twirled to they couldn't stand up anymore! This connection didn't just end with a day full of fun; it sparked something within Kelsey & Shawn to do something more! By sponsoring Stacey, the Dutchin family is giving her a better quality of life through physical, mental, spiritual nutrition and education. Thank you for your generous hearts and vision to see our mission succeed!

Check out Stacey's Profile here:!stacey-/c18p1

If you are interested in making the same impact on a child's life like the Dutchins have Click here to learn more about this sponsorship program. It is not a hand out, but a hand up!


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