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Miss Earth US Team Serves at '1 of the Most Horrendous Places on Earth'

WMO's Miss Earth US Team visited our community outreach program in La Chureca. La Chureca is a garbage dump that hundreds of families call home. National Geographic named La Chureca one of the '7 Horrors of the World' and if that is not a detailed enough description, one might say it truly looks like the mouth of hell. This is a place where only vultures should inhabit.

Every time I visit La Chureca, it is hard for me to write about. Why? Well, because there is no way I could ever accurately explain this place. Honestly, you can't hardly even grasp the reality of it when you are standing in the middle of it, let alone, just seeing a glimpse of it though a picture and some words.

Yes. This is someones home.

As I stood in the middle of this Landfill, looking at the houses made of scrap metal, no electricity, no running water, dirt floors, watching kids run around barefoot, the men & woman pillaging around in the waste of others just to find anything for survival; I was speechless. Literally, there are not words you can say...

Ms Earth Americas La Chureca

Amanda, Ms Earth Americas, Introducing the team to the children at the La Chureca Outreach Program.

The journey getting to La Chureca was a roller-coaster, but when it comes down to it, the reality is that this is a roller-coaster that many people can never get off of. This perspective makes the bumps and the bruises worth the effort.

Laura, the Miss Earth US Director, introducing the Miss Earth US National & State Queens.

La Chureca nicaragua Mission Trip

Some of the children in La Chureca waiting to receive their meals.

Miss Earth United States Trip to Nicaragua

Sarah, Elite Miss Ohio Earth, serving the children of Nicaragua.

Miss Earth United States Trip to Nicaragua

There are over 80 children that live in La Chureca.

Corrin, Miss Earth United States, serving meals to the children of La Chureca.

La Chureca World Missions Outreach

For some kids, this is the only meal they will receive each day. We at WMO are working night and day to ensure that this no longer has to be a reality for these children.

Miss Earth United States mission team

Tracey, Elite Miss Maryland Earth & Melissa, Elite Miss Pennsylvania Earth, handing out school bags filled with school supplies to the children of Nicaragua. The team handed out over 800 school bags through out their week of service.

Even through the face of adversities that are not comprehendible, these kids still show up with smiles.

Every child received a hot meal, a cold drink and a bag full of school supplies!

All the kids gravitated to Ariel! They knew she actually was a real life Disney Princess!

This is a daily way of life. There is no electricity, running water or left overs in the fridge.

These are some of the faces you see inside La Chureca!

Corrin, Miss Earth United States, with one of the children of La Chureca.

This is in the middle of La Chureca.

Can you find him? It's overwhelming to think about the reality of these images.

This. This is a way of life. The only way of life they know.

As soon as a truck is brought in to dump, the people start to flock to it to be the first to rummage through other peoples trash.

I have been asked, "Why come here?" & "Why would you want too?"

I decided a long time ago, that there were really only two options for me. I could chase my passion, make a difference, inspire hope & change the future or I could turn a blind eye to everything outside of our fish bowl life.

If we decide to turn a blind eye, than who is going to tell these peoples stories? Who is going to give a voice to the voiceless? Who is going to fight for their right to live? Who is going to hear their cries? Who is going to get them out? I know I can't save the world alone, but I can start with one person at a time.

When you choose to peruse your passion it comes with a raving long list of things to beam about, but It can also come with many things that haunt you and keep you up at night. There are certain things in life that you can't unsee.Those things change you. They make you quiet in a room full of people. You don't think the same. You don't speak the same. You don't interact with people the same anymore. They silence you and consume your thoughts. They touch the inner most part of your soul and test every bit of your strength. They break you and build you at the same time. - You will never be the same again.

You have a choice. You can chose to make a difference or you can sit back and watch others make a difference?

Whatever it may be, find your passion & pursue it!

Are your ready to join the Revolution?

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