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Miss Earth US Team Delivers 800 Bags with School Supplies to Nicaragua

The Miss Earth United States Organization has partnered with World Missions Outreach as their national charity. Nine of the State & National titles holders are spending the week in Nicaragua to teach self-sustainability education, help assist in serving at several of our 70 feeding programs that provide15,000 meals a day & provide over 800 children with a new book bags filled with school supplies!

Let's check out the goodies!! Every Child at each program we visited received a book pack & school supplies!

60% of students drop out of school before they reach high school in Nicaragua. The lack of school materials and resources are a large contributing factor for most students that drop out.

To often, we dehumanize others because their circumstances or adversities look different than our own. Many programs have unintentionally enabled dependence on outside assistance. This creates a damaging effect on children by not creating the development of self-sustainability or independence.

World Missions Outreach is revolutionizing national & international missions & outreach programs. We are not just masking the symptoms, but combating the actual root of poverty.

Melissa, Elite Miss Pennsylvania Earth, handing out school bags and school supplies!

We are breaking damaging stereotypes that have create distrust within giving & charity. We do this by building relationships, developing mentor programs, providing interactive communication, teaching self-sustainability education & cultivating leaders as catalyst to their own communities.

Sarah, Elite Miss Ohio Earth, handing out school bags and school supplies!

World Missions Outreach has 70 Feeding Programs across Nicaragua.

WMO Provides 15,000 Meals a year and 5.4 Million Meals a year.

Feeding Program Nicaragua Mission Trip

In addition to providing food, WMO's core mission for our children's outreach programs is education!

Feeding Program Nicaragua Mission Trip

The Children and volunteers have a community based & educational opportunity meet up everyday before the feeding program. At WMO, we provide more than just the physical needs of food. We focus on education to solve the cycle of poverty.

Although this sweet soul is non-verbal, we never miss a beat when we get to see each other! Love is an international language that does not need words or an explanation! Every time I see her, I know I am about to get the best hug there ever was!

Hugs, smiles and fun are always something that you can expect as soon as you walk into one of our WMO Programs.

Occasionally.... Piggy Back Challenges go down too!

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

Sarah: Hey, Tracey! You girls want to have a piggy back ride challenge!

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

Tracey: Sure, Sarah! A nice piggy back ride challenge sounds like fun!

La Nina: Did someone say.... Piggy Back Rides!?

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua


La Nina: Piggy Back Ride Challenge.

Oh Yeah... Meet me outside. How Bow Dat!? Bye, Felicia!

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

In a sudden last minute dash... Kristin comes out of right field and enters the piggy back challenge! It's getting pretty serious now....

Who will win?

Will it be Sarah?

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

Will it be Tracey & La Nina?

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

Or will it be the Kristin?

Miss Earth United States Mission Team Nicaragua

And Their off!

The Results are in?

Who won?

You will have to attend next years Miss Earth US team to find out!

Thank you Miss Earth US Team for helping to equip our WMO students with the tools they need to continue receiving an education!

To Learn more about Miss Earth US

Faces, just like this little boy, will always remember your name & the time you shared together! These eager minds will always be ready to... Must-ache- you a question! ;)

Are you ready to join the revolution?

To Sponsor a Student & provide them a hand up for the future

To Learn more about planning your own mission trip


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