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Happy Independence Day Nicaragua from WMO Students

World Missions Outreach Students

Our WMO student & staff Celebrating 195 years of our Independence of Nicaragua in Los Cedros

World Missions Outreach

Our Students represented World Missions Outreach & participated in a community celebration full of fun & dancing!

World Missions Outreach

We are very proud of our students hard work and dedication to step up and become leaders within their community.

World Missions Outreach provides the opportunity for students to thrive and develop into world changers!

Our Students were able to showcase their talents in front of hundreds of people!

Our students already have the ability & talent to grow into outstanding individuals; we are just a stepping stone for them to achieve their dreams!

One of the things we love about Nicaragua & it's culture is the level of pride and love they show for family and community!

Happy Independence Day!


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