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Vertical Life Church & All For His Glory Team Day 4 Program 5

Vertical Life Church & All His Glory Mission Team served over 200 children hot meals at one of World Missions Outreach's 80 Feeding Programs throughout Nicaragua.

The World Missions Feeding Program Pastor showed our team a video of the success and fun the children have at the programs through a projected slide show presentation. Very sweet and encouraging to see that they are able to document these special moments and share them with us!

Each of the team members were able to share a special word and encourage the people at the feeding program!

The kids sang in English for us all before the program started. One of the ways we focus on breaking the cycle of poverty is through trade skill education! English is one of our core class emphasis!

The team gave each kid and parent a hygiene kit!

The team played all kinds of game's with the kids! The fun and laughs were endless!

Noah hanging out with his new friends!

These faces are so sweet!

Meet Cristina, She has a pretty cool story!

A while back while at a feeding program, I saw this sweet girl burying her face in her moms side while sobbing quietly. I couldn't take my eyes off her! Her cry wasn't typical and I could sense there was a lot of pain behind those tears. Without even blinking my feet were already taking me to her side. I couldn't let her go unnoticed. Her mom told me that she had been hit by a baseball bat the day before. Her eye was bruised, bleeding, swollen shut and looked infected. With tears in her eyes, her mom told us she was to embarrassed to participate in the feeding program because of how bad her eye looked. The other kids were making fun of her and she did not feel beautiful anymore. My mouth dropped and my heart broke. How could someone so precious feel not only this physical hurt, but this type of emotional pain as well. I immediately took of my brand new sunglasses & placed them carefully on her face. I told her that these were my favorite sunglasses, she could have them and that anytime she felt embarrassed that she can put them on! No one would even be able to tell. That covered the physical part, but the emotional hurt was still looming. I took her hands and wrapped them around me. I told her something every girl should know and believe. Not only did I think she was beautiful, but that she was a child, a daughter, a princess to God. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than being a daughter of Christ. No one can ever take that away from her. God has a purpose and plan for her life. She is not overlooked or forgotten. She is loved. She cried. Her mom cried. I cried. Her family couldn't afford the medicine needed to help heal her eye and fight off the infection. Tomorrow I am going back to check on Cristina and take her everything she needs from the Dr. to keep her vision and allow her to heal properly. Then we hugged it out and got her the VIP treatment. By the end of the day she was smiling and laughing.

This was Cristina right after the accident!

We took her all the antibiotics and medicine she needed to help her eye heal quickly! When I stepped off the bus 2 of her friends were waiting to greet me. They ran up and gave me a huge hug! They grabbed my hand and said, 'you came to help Cristina'! Cristina even came to greet us without covering up her face. I'll take one moment like this over anything else in the world. There is simply nothing that can compare to sharing something as simple as love and compassion.

As you can see from the 1st photo, she has completely covered from the accident and is doing great!

If you are interested in planning your next mission trip with World Missions Outreach


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