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Vertical Life Church & All For His Glory Day 3 Program 3

Meet Juan Anthonio. He is 63 years old and suffering from an ailment in his kidneys. He is not able to stand up or put any weight on his feet. Because of this, he has developed severe bed soars. The Vertical Life Church and All For His Glory Team delivered medical supplies and prayed over him and his family.

World Missions Outreach is in need of wheelchair donations. We have many people in our programs that need wheelchairs, especially Juan Anthonio. If you are interested in donating any supplies,


After leaving Juan Anthonio's house, the team headed over to the next feeding program.

Each team member spoke and mentored to about 100 kids at this location.

Each child was served a hot meal and received a hygiene pack.

The kids bring their own bowls to the feeding programs to receive a hot meal daily. For many of them, this is the only meal they will get each day. The food is based around rice. Each packet of food we provide is filled with vitamins and nutrition.

At some of the programs, the kids do not own bowls or spoons to receive the food. They often bring plastic bags, lids, leafs and other make shift things to use as 'bowls'.

We ran out of bowls to giveaway at this program. One of the little boys there did not have a bowl and everyone's heart strings were pulled when we didn't have one to fill his little empty hands. We couldn't let that happen! I pulled out my water bottle, cut the top off and we used it as a temporary bowl. Something so simple like a bowl, we often take for granted. For some, a bowl is considered a luxury item. Can you imagine what it would be like to not even have a bowl to eat out of?

You never get numb to these real life scenarios that happen all the time. This little guy was able to eat with some quick thinking and limited resources. He wasn't upset that he didn't get a real bowl, he was just happy to have food in front of him. Don't worry, we already have him a new bowl to take to him!

If you are interested in holding a bowl drive to collect bowls and spoons

If you are interested in planning your next mission trip with World Missions Outreach

We would love to have you!


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