Thankful Thursday

Our Thankful Thursday Sponsor Shout Out goes to the Steely Family!

World Missions Outreach wants to personally thank you for your continual support and dedication to helping make a difference in the lives of so many children!

I went on my first mission trip to Nicaragua in 2008. Many people who had been there before me had said , “You will fall in love with these kids and you will want to adopt one.” But I remember thinking, as I walked into the class rooms, “I have children of my own, I love kids but I probably won’t be able to connect with any of them on that kind of level.” But just as I was about to leave the preschool classroom, this beautiful little girl with pig tails, a round face and a huge smile held out her hands for me, starred up with big brown eyes and touched my soul in a way that could only have been of God. He had orchestrated this union between us, as if it was a devine appointment. SHE…had been the one who had picked me and my family to be a part of hers. I can’t even tell you the difference that she has made in our lives. We are blessed beyond measure to have had this opportunity to interact on a more personal level with her and her family because of the mission at World Mission Outreach. We support them and all that they do to help the people of Nicaragua. - Janet Steely

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