Miss Earth United States Teaches Students in Nicaragua a Life Changing Lesson

Miss Earth United States, Elite Miss Earth United States & state delegates have partnered with World Missions Outreach in Nicaragua.

The Earth Warrior Team is serving as global ambassadors to teach self-sustainable education by using recycled materials. Each WMO student learned how to plant their own vegetables & fruits; thus ensuring, no child has to go to bed hungry!

Corrin, Miss Earth United States & Jade, Miss Mississippi Earth, helping our WMO 7th Graders plant their seeds.

How do you create a garden out of recycled materials?

#1 - Each student used a recycled plastic bottle as their planting container.

Melissa, Elite Miss Pennsylvania Earth (above) & Amanda, Elite Miss Massachusetts Earth (Below), showing WMO students how to cut out the opening top of their plastic bottle.

#2 - Time to add the soil!

Sarah, Elite Miss Ohio Earth (Above) & Amanda, Ms Earth Americas (below) show WMO students how to add the appropriate amount of soil for their plant to grow in & educate them on the importance of knowing what type of soil each seed needed.

#3 Space out & Plant your seeds!

Tracey, Elite Miss Marryland Earth (Above) & Corrin, Miss Earth US (below) show WMO students how deep to place their seeds & the appropriate amount of space to leave between each seed.

#4 Add Water!

Kristin, Elite Miss Earth (Above) & Jade, Miss Mississippi Earth US (below) teach WMO students the importance of keeping their plants watered & show them the appropriate amount of water to add.

What is Miss Earth?

Miss Earth United States serves as the Ambassador to

environmental protection campaigns worldwide. This year it was awarded as one of the top 3 pageants in the world. Miss Earth United States was awarded as Best Pageant of 2016 & the Director, Laura Clark, was just named Best Director of the Year.

Why is Miss Earth Relevant to WMO?

Miss Earth continues to build its reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile pageant event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility to our earth & it's inhabitants.

The Miss Earth Organization has partnered with WMO as their National Charity to share their passion for the earth throughout the United States and all across the world.

Miss Earth United States & state delegates traveled to World Missions Outreach in Nicaragua to serve as role models, teach agricultural skills, promote self-confidence, inspire hope, provide educational school materials & share their passion to preserve and restore Mother Earth.

Why is teaching sustainability & agriculture important?

WMO students learned how to plant their own vegetables & fruits!

This type of trade skill agriculture education ensures that no child has to go to bed hungry. This type of knowledge is a way to provide children with a way to create a self-sustainable lifestyle for themselves & their families in the face of economic adversities.

What did we plant?

Tomatoes, Peas, Onions, Carrots & Beans!

What will the students do with their plants?

Each student will be responsibly for taking the knowledge & tools that the Miss Earth US Team equipped them with to tend and take care of their plant. The students will come to school and monitor their seedlings daily. Once their seed starts to grow & produce, the students can take the produce home to share with their families!

Do Short Term Mission Teams Matter?

Of course they do! Still questioning it? Ask the 100 students who now have agriculture knowledge and are able to provide food for their families; not just one time, but for a lifetime!

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Agriculture Education?

WMO provides all of our students, 1st - 11th grade, with trade skill & agriculture classes.

We ensure our students have the tools to create a better and more self-sustainable tomorrow for the now generation and future generations to come!

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Who Participated?

Our WMO 7th, 8th & 10th Graders!

Check out the finished plants here!

Thank you Miss United States Organization for such an impactful week of service!

Want to plan a trip to Nicaragua at World Missions Outreach?

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