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Meet Oscar - Stories from La Chureca

Meet Oscar

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump

He is a fine young man who is married and has a young daughter. They live in La Chureca - A landfilled dump that people live in the middle of. It's inhabitants shift through the trash to find anything to use, eat or recycle. This is the only way they know how to survive. National Geographic has labeled La Chureca as one of the seven most horrendous places in the world.

Despite the limitations that he faces on a daily basis, he has been teaching himself english with the aid of only one dictionary. Unfortunately, that dictionary got ruined from the rain that his house has very little shelter from.

His learning process was put on standby, but he will soon be able to start back again! WMO will provide him with a new dictionary so that he can carry on developing his english skills! We are amazed, by how humble he is. That type of humble spirit is one that only comes from God.

One of our Canada Christian team members uncovered that Oscar loves to play soccer. He showed us his soccer skills and we were blown away by his talent.

We all couldn't help but notice that he did not have proper shoes to play in. He only had one pair of worn out slip on shoes that were given to him.

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump

This meant Oscar had to play soccer barefooted. Crazy to see so much undiscovered talent that had been developed through endless limitations and no formal training.

Mike, one of the team members, was so moved by Oscar's story that he took his own shoes off his feet and gave them to Oscar. The shoes were a perfect fit and their encounter was anything but by chance.

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump

Oscar did not ask for any material things. He simply asked us to pray for him and his family.

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump

Oscar understands the power of prayer and tears fell from his eyes as we all stopped to pray with him.

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump

Oscar is such a clear example of humbleness and of wisdom.

Let us all be humble and share what God has giving us.

La Chureca Nicaragua Dump


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