Jimmy's Story

Meet Jimmy! In 2009, Jimmy was working in a sand pit when the unthinkable happened! Not realizing Jimmy was in the sand pit loading a dump truck. As he was moving the sand an avalanche started to happen. The sand came down quick and hard, completly crushing Jimmy. Jimmy had no warning and no time to react, he was completly submerged with no sign of life. Many people immediately reacted trying despertly to help and dig Jimmy out. Jimmy was paralyzed frorm the waist down and confined to a small cot that his family made for him. Jimmy was a freelance worker that had no access to receive insurance or help with his medical cost. When World Missions Outreach heard about this tragedy, there was no question, we were already out the door and on the way to figure out what we could do for Jimmy!

When we got to Jimmy, he was litterly on his death bed.

Jimmy had no money to pay for his medical needs, therefore the hospital sent him home to die. Due to being confined to his cot, Jimmy started developing severe open wound bed soars. His soars became infected with flesh eating bacteria and gangrene. Jimmy was in critical condition and needed medical attention immediately!

World Missions brought in a medical team from Georgia that was able to care for Jimmy's medical needs. Jimmy's healing wasn't over night, but we were on a mission to make sure it happened!

We also provided Jimmy with a wheelchair. This kept him from being confined to his cot and enhance his quality of life as his wounds healed.

Donna, Jimmy & his Family in 2009

While providing medical treatment for Jimmy at his house, we realized that there was no access for his wheelchait to get in our out.

2009 - Jimmy's House before

World Missions Outreach and our Florida Church Team decided that this just wasn't going to work. God provided Jimmy with a miracle for his health, the least we could do is provide Jimmy a way to get into his home.

2009 - Jimmy's House Gets a Ramp!