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Jimmy Gets a Bed

I have spoke about Jimmy and shared his story many times. He is my friends that was completely paralyzed from the torso down due to an accident while working at his job. Last time I went to visit Jimmy, he was not there. He was sent to the hospital and had to have an unexpected surgery to fight a bacteria that was threatening his life. I was devastated & have been so worried about my long term friend of almost 10 years, Jimmy. Jimmy has always battled bed sores and challenges from the extreme conditions that surrounds him. He has never asked me for money. He doesn't do that. He has only asked for things that he desperately needs for survival, like food and his medical supplies. Jimmy has never had a real bed. He has a cot that he spends most of his entire day refined too.... Well used too Yesterday, we took Jimmy a brand new mattress frame, tempurpedic mattress and bedding set. We were also able to surprise him by paying off his medical bills! You should have seen his face. I have never seen someone's face so transparently and truly in shock that such a financial burden had been relieved. He had no way to pay for his medical bills and the collector had been coming to their house harassing him and his family. Can you imagine someone threatening to take away the very little that you have left after so much as already been taken from you. I can't even. Jimmy was so happy and excited to try out his new bed. He couldn't wait to get in it! After almost a decade of being trapped in a cot, Jimmy now has a real bed to call his own! My heart in so happy for Jimmy! When you decide to quit your corporate job, shift into a job that truly isn't about money, but about passion and a calling on your life, the only confirmation or approval that you need is in these moment that are visible all across his face See, this, all of this. Everything we are doing isn't for a pat on the back, a vacation or a yay me! I could care less about the validation from anyone. This is about making a difference. Sharing the stories of the people who were once voiceless. Giving their stories a chance to give them a voice! Not Just a visit for one day. Not to just check it off your good deed requirement. No, This is about devoting your mission to actually making a difference and creating a real change by being relentless with your passion to make both happen. This is real. This is hope. This is consistent. This is unconditionally being fully devoted to a better tomorrow. Compassion and love is an international language that knows no borders.

Nathan Helping set up Jimmy's new bed.

Nathan Helping set up Jimmy's new bed.

Jimmy in his new bed giving Donna a big hug of appreciation!

Jimmy giving his stamp of approval!

Jimmy trying his new bed out for the 1st time!


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