First Day of 2018 School Year for WMO Students

World Missions Outreach believes that the main way to end the generational cycle of poverty is through education. This week kicks off WMO's 2018 school year.

Our World Missions Primary, Middle and High Schools have started back for 2018.

Our students, parents, teachers & staff are excited to start the new year. Our students have a lot to look forward to with a full year planned with educational and fun events.

World Missions Outreach Christian School

Each school day starts off with chapel. The students then head to class where they learn the basic core studies along with English, Computer, Agriculture, Gym, Art, Home Education & Wood-shop.

Nicaragua Christian School

Each of our students received a new book bag filled with school supplies for the year!

Amanda Sowards World Missions Outreach

WMO emphasizes making education fun and practical to create successful individuals that can manage self sustainability!

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, more than 50% of students drop out of school to find odd and end jobs to help provide food for their families before they ever reach high school.

We have students who never imagined graduating high school that have went onto college and now have well established careers that help support their families. We have students who are now doctors, lawyers, translators and even teach at our WMO Schools.

Nicaragua High School Students

This is the now generation. These are the students who are going to make a difference in their communities. These are the faces of ambitious young adults who beat all the odds stacked against them! These are the faces of the Future

World Missions Outreach is revolutionizing the

way you look at charity, missions & giving