Equipping WMO Students with Cultural Diversity - WI Team Serves WMO School Campus

The La Crosse, WI mission team spent each morning attending World Missions School's student led chapel service. Every morning before class, the WMO students attend chapel. What better way to start off the morning.

The students take a lot of pride in putting together each mornings chapel time. The students coordinate everything from the worship band, to singing and preparing the Bible lessons. Each grade prepared their own songs to sing in Spanish & English to share with the team!

See Niki introduce the team here via Facebook video live


See our Seniors sing the Revolution song in Spanish via Facebook live


See a clip of our 4th Graders perform a dance for the team via Facebook video live


As you may have guessed, Futball is a huge deal in Nicaragua! The team personally challenged our students to a match!

WMO Students have a student led Futball team! They love to play, but also take it very seriously.... Therefor, the challenge was accepted!

Wait for it... Wait for it... GOAL!

Check out some of the action!