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2017 World Missions Outreach Graduation

World Missions Outreach Nicaragua High School Graduation

This week we celebrated World Missions Outreach Graduation Ceremony for 6th and 11th Graders! Congratulation to all of our students!

How can we measure our success?

By the success of our students that have gone through our program! We have students who never imagined graduating high school that have went onto college and now have prestigious careers. We have students who are now doctors, lawyers, translators and even teach at our WMO Schools.

Facts + Statistics

All of our graduates are the first in their families to ever go to school and graduate!

World Missions Outreach Nicaragua High School Graduation

These are the faces of the future!

In Nicaragua, more than 50% of students drop out of school to find odd and end jobs to help provide food for their families before they ever reach high school.

WMO is focusing on teaching children and families the importance of education to help end the generational cycle of poverty.

World Missions Outreach Nicaragua High School Graduation

We are so proud of our WMO graduating class of 2017. These are the young adults who are going to step up and make a difference in their communities. This is the now generation. These are the faces of ambitious young adults who beat all the odds that were stacked against them!

Here is a glimpse of why we are so passionate about our students and providing a hand up to change their future! Join us in celebrating their milestone success!


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