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WMO School Students Learn Agriculture by growing their own Garden

World Missions Outreach teaches all of our students how to garden in our Agriculture class.

Along with providing the core fundamental education classes, we want to provide our students to have the opportunity to learn trade skills that they can use forever.

We recognize how important it is to equip students with the tools of self-sustainability; therefore they will always be able to provide food for themselves and their families.

Hands-on education and practical life lessons are a value we stive to always provide at World Missions Outreach.

Our Students are in charge of every aspect of learning and attending to their garden.

Let's dig in!

Teacher Katie teaching students how to take care of their garden!

Each grade has their own garden projects they are responsible for.

Gardening & Agriculture studies are a very important part of our students education at World Missions Outreach! If you want to get more involved or find out more info about our program, email me at


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