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Vertical Life Church & All For His Glory Day 3

Vertical Life Church in Atlanta, GA visited one of World Mission Outreach's 80 Feeding Programs. Each Program is located at a WMO Church throughout Nicaragua. The children come every day to receive a hot meal. WMO is providing 15,000 children a hot meal daily and an opportunity to be fed mentally, physically and spiritually. That is 5.4 million meals and opportunities to make a difference!

The team stood on dirt floor with on a tin shack roof and held a metal ladle spoon to serve rice out of a bowl over an open flame beside a bar wire fence in 95+ degree weather. Why... Because this is what they call their kitchen. The smoke burns and stings your eyes to tears and the open flame makes the already intense heat feel like your skin is melting. This can be extremely hard to get through, but for most Nicaraguans this is a daily occurrence. Talk about perspective.

The team took time to greet and minister to over 150 kids at this location.

The kids stand in line under the hot sun waiting to receive a meal.

The kids bring anything they can use as a bowl to receive their meal. Can you imagine not having something as simple as a bowl?

For many of these kids, this is the only meal they will receive each day.

Mothers and fathers do anything they can to make a way to provide for their children. WMO helps create a way for them to do that. Together we can combat childhood hunger.

At our schools and programs we implement practical education through trade skills that they can use to grow food and provide self sustainability to for themselves.

At Each program if a child has empty hands we fill them with a bowl. We collect bowls through our sister non-profit Feeding the 5000. You can learn more about hosting a bowl drive by clicking the page tab 'Feed 5000' at the top of the page in the navigation bar.

After the feeding program Vertical Life's Mission Team gave each child a pair of shoes. They sat down outside on dirt floors with a bucket to wash their feet. They washed over 150 children's feet as a symbolic way to share the message of Jesus's love & discipleship.

A very Special moment of prayer shared between two pastors as Vertical Life Pastor Brad, washed WMO Pastor Ishmales feet.

Here are a collection of photo's from this program that capture the heart of VLC & WMO.

If you are interested in planning your next mission trip with WMO, Click here to find out how!


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