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The Not so Pretty Side of Missions

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

World Missions Outreach Nicaragua Mission Team
World Missions Outreach Amanda Sowards

This picture says a thousand words

What's happening?

In the middle of serving food, I had to stop more times than I can count to wipe my eyes. The food we are serving is being cooked over an open fire inside this one room dirt floor structure that is called their church. The smoke from the fire kept burning my eyes and leaving a constant trail of tears.

This is the side of ministry you don't always see. There is a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual pain. The stress level is high. The reward is low. The sacrifice is huge. The battle is endless. The support is fleeting. You are serving in the name of someone you have never seen, only felt. You are giving your whole life to be the hands and feet of a father you have never met. Every day you wake up with faith as the only thing that you can justify your purpose and passion with.

Throughout my life there is only one thing that has remained constant amongst the chaos. Through hell and high-water, from heartbreak to finding healing, from receiving grace to showing grace, and from being broken to finding the strength to rebuild.

That is My faith.

Without faith, without grace, without love, without the constant reminder of humility that life slaps me in the face with; I would be nothing. My identity has been carefully handcrafted and manifested from every step I took with in faith. I wouldn't be here without faith.

Don't ever let anyone tell you what your life narrative is. You hold the ability to move mountains when you step into an identity of faith. You are your own author.

I may not always get it right. I may not always have the right words to say. I have fallen short many times, but today, I'm moving mountains. No narrative from the absence of light shall be written for me. I may be fatherless, but today, I am my own author that has a Heavenly Father who is taking control of the pen and paper to write this story for me.


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