Students in Nicaragua Plant over 200 Trees for Arbor Day

World Missons Outreach Students Planting Over 200 Trees

Will you join World Missions Outreach students and plant a tree today?

This week World Missions Outreach students planted over 200 non-invasive specie trees in Nicaragua.

I want to challenge each of you to join us by planting a tree for Arbor Day! Use the hashtag #WorldMissionsTreePlan and we will share the trees you plant around the world!

Together we ARE making a difference!

World Missions Outreach Students, Emerson, is ready to plant another Coconut Tree in your honor!

Can't plant a tree? Let us do it for you!

To celebrate Arbor Day you can donate to purchase a tree and World Missions Outreach Students will plant it in your honor! We will share each tree planted in your name!

Click the button below to donate and have a tree planted in your honor

by World Missions Outreach Students.

Or Click Here to join a mission team and plan your own tree planting project!

Click through the album

to see some of the fun and trees planted by our students!