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Students in Nicaragua Plant over 200 Trees for Arbor Day

World Missons Outreach Planting Trees
World Missons Outreach Students Planting Over 200 Trees

Will you join World Missions Outreach students and plant a tree today?

This week World Missions Outreach students planted over 200 non-invasive specie trees in Nicaragua.

I want to challenge each of you to join us by planting a tree for Arbor Day! Use the hashtag #WorldMissionsTreePlan and we will share the trees you plant around the world!

Amanda Sowards World Missons Outreach Planting Trees

Together we ARE making a difference!


World Missions Outreach Planting Trees Arbor Day
World Missions Outreach Students, Emerson, is ready to plant another Coconut Tree in your honor!

Can't plant a tree? Let us do it for you!

To celebrate Arbor Day you can donate to purchase a tree and World Missions Outreach Students will plant it in your honor! We will share each tree planted in your name!

Click the button below to donate and have a tree planted in your honor

by World Missions Outreach Students.


Or Click Here to join a mission team and plan your own tree planting project!


Click through the album

to see some of the fun and trees planted by our students!


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