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Pensacola Visits WMO

We enjoyed having one of the pastors of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church, Shawn York; the Pastor of The Upper Room, Nathan Pooley; one of Pensacola top oral surgeons, Dr. Tony; Surfers on a Mission leader, Mark Randall & Pensacola's Dog House Restaurants owner, Nathan to speak and mentor to our WMO students during school chapel!

The Pensacola Group with our WMO Staff

Pastor Shawn York of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church with some of our students after Chapel.

Pastor Shawn York of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church sharing a message with our WMO School Chapel.

Out Students and Teachers uniting together in Prayer.

The guys from Pensacola take time to share a special prayer for Daniel, one of our Seniors, Student Body President and Worship leader.

Nathan Greeting the WMO Students and introducing his friends from Pensacola.

Senior, Daniel leading Worship at Chapel.

Some of our students having fun during Chapel!

Our students are grateful to have so many people come from all across the world to inspire them! Thank you to everyone from Pensacola who came to mentor and share the love of Jesus with all three of our WMO School Students! We Appreciate the difference you are making!


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