Meet Junior - Stories from La Chureca

Meet Junior - By Lindsay McVety

A young kid who impacted our Canada Christian College Mission Team Leader while she was serving with her group at WMO's Feeding Program in La Churreca (a dump that some call home). This is a message you do not want to miss.

Okay, I think I'm finally ready to tell his story. This is the one that stopped me in my tracks. His face revealed to me that no matter how many times you go on a missions trip or see poverty or tragedy, there are always moments that can break you even more.

When I had to tell him goodbye, my heart shattered. It wasn't about feeling sorry for him or anything like that. I just had this intense need and desire to know that he would be okay after we left. My heart ached, emotionally and physically as we drove away from his home. And here goes...

Meet Junior: This little man changed me. His story is best told through pictures.

Nicaragua Mission Team

Junior lives in La Chureca. As many of you know, this is the city dump. His home is inside the gate of the dump and very close to where people actually scavenger for items to resell or repurpose in order to make a living. When I met Junior, little did I know that this would be the first of many pictures we would share together. He approached me as I exited our bus, and he handed me two pieces of candy. That little exchange was the start to our friendship.

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Our next encounter was about 5 minutes later when he asked to use my camera. Our team is usually very careful about lending our electronics, but his smile got the best of me... I handed it right over to him and let him start clicking away. I taught him about the settings and showed him how to focus. He nailed it! He truly was a natural.

World Missions Outreach

Here, Junior sits at the beginning of the service. He was super patient and well behaved. He sat right beside where I was standing, and that was when I noticed that he had picked me. That sounds weird, so let me explain... whenever we go to feeding programs, there are about a handful of kiddos who pair up with the team. It's really sweet because it's kinda like they pick you to be their little mentor for the day. Usually the really young little girls link up with me, so I was surprised to realize that a 10 year old little boy was spending the whole program with me instead of running around playing soccer with the guys in the group.

Here's Junior photobombing :) He made his way into the background of pretty much all of my photos this day. And as you can see, he's just about the sweetest most affection child I've ever met. He would press his little face up to mine when he hugged me. So special. So sweet.

World Missions Outreach - Nicaragua

Remember when I said how we dont share electronics, well.... that sweet smile got my iPhone too... He was so trustworthy. Of course I kept my eye on him to make sure my phone didn't walk off, but tbh I knew he was going to be just fine.

World Missions outreach Nicaragua

He was loving the facebook videos. He and his little friend Justin searched "Lions" and watched video after video. They spent the majority of their time doing this after they finished eating.