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March 2016 Volunteer Shoutout

Our March Student Volunteer Spotlight goes to Cadence!

Meet Cadence! Cadence is in Elementary School. After hearing that many kids her own age did not have a bowl or spoon to eat with in Nicaragua, she decided to do something about it. Cadence met with her guidance counselor and principal to get approval for a "Feed the 5,000" bowl and spoon drive! The week of April 11-15th they will send out close to 1,000 Flyers to all kids in the school and boxes will be set up for donations. Cadence is the first student to start and host a fundraising drive at her school. She is very excited about making a difference for the students in Nicaragua & so are we! Thank you Cadence for your ambition and heart for humanity!

If you are interested in hosting your own Feed 5000 bowl drive CLICK HERE check out more on Feed 5000.


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