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How Does World Missions Outreach Measure it's Success?

This is a photo of our very first high school graduating class at WMO.

Since then, we have asked ourselves

"How do you know measure the success of our missions work"

It's simple really. Through our students!

We are so proud of our WMO students. We are honored to be able to give them an opportunity to change their future through education. These students, never imagined being able to graduate high school. They not only have graduated high school, but have gone on to get full college scholarships, graduate and have successful careers.

In this photo you see,

-One of these young men now teaches at our school. He is also still in law school working on his law degree.

-One of these young men is now a translator for WMO and travels with our mission teams.

-One of these young men, we provided a college scholarship for and he will be graduating from University in March.

-One of these young women, we provided a college scholarship and she is in her last year of medical school.

-All of these students have gone on to accomplish personal goals and create beautiful families.

A Big Thank you to sponsors who have helped make this possible for these students.

You have changed their lives forever.

We have another graduation of 15 Students on Dec. 10, 2016

If you would like to be involved in assisting with providing any donations for our graduating class, their future education and graduation ceremonies.


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