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Every WMO School Day Starts with Chapel

The start of World Missions Outreach school year for 2016 is now back in session! All of our students, parents and teachers are excited for the new year! Here are a few photo's capturing our students, from 1st - 11th grade, learning and having fun!

All of our 2016 School Teachers.

So Great to see so many parents join their students at Chapel every morning!

Some of our WMO students at chapel.

Some of our 4th Grade Boys at Chapel!

Our WMO Primary School Students are excited for Chapel!

Our WMO High School Students ready for chapel!

Hellen at Chapel!

Ana & Gelysi at Chapel

More fun with some of our Primary Students at Chapel.

Some of our WMO High Schoolers at Chapel

All of our students at Chapel

Some of our Middle School Student at chapel.

At World Missions Outreach, we provide spiritual, mental and physical education! Thanks for supporting our efforts to make a better tomorrow for our now generation!


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