Day 1 at WMO for the English Lutheran Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin Mission Team

The English Lutheran Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin Mission Team arrived at World Missions Outreach ready to serve and dive into the Nicaraguan culture. All 23 members woke up bright and early to start their day off with a breakfast and a devotional.

After Devotionals, the English Lutheran Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin WMO mission team took a tour of our facilities and school campus.

World Missions Outreach equips our students with technical skills to become entrepreneurs. We have classes dedicated to English, Computer Skills, Sewing, Agriculture and wood work. These trade skill classes provide the students to help themselves, their future, their families and their careers.

Our gradates have gone on to become teachers (here at WMO Schools), lawyers, doctors, translator and many other successful career driven leaders in their community. We pride ourselves on truly being able to measure the success our efforts have made over the past 15 years. Not just giving a hand out, but giving a hand up!

All of this is only because of God's will and people just like the English Lutheran Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin that have the heart to serve and help change the life of others.

Ronnie is one of World Missions Outreach's translators for our teams! Ronnie is a former student that attended World Missions Outreach. He learned how to speak English from attending our school. Ronnie now has a career to support himself and his family by using the trade skill education he received from WMO.

Many of our students never dreamed of graduating high school, let alone, go on to college and have a career. World Missions Outreach has called Nicaragua home for 15 years. We are now able to measure and celebrate our work in Nicaragua's success by seeing the children we started helping grow up and be the first in their families to start to break the cycle of poverty.

We are honored that they remember WMO as part of their journey and stepping stone to where they are now. Ronnie reached out to WMO to share how his life has been forever changed by WMO. He also shared how the mission teams that came down (just like yours) and mentored him as a student made a forever impact on his life; therefore wanted to give back and help serve the teams so that he could help other students have that same life changing experience.

Yeah, Ronnie is a pretty incredible individual and leader! We are honored to have him as part of our team!

After getting settled in at WMO the team walked down the street to see one of our Nicaraguan neighbors and students house.

The team was able to tour Ana's house and meet her children who are students at WMO.