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A Pastors Love - Stories from La Chureca

Pastor of Church in La Chureca Nicaragua

My father is a Pastor, his father was before and my father's father before him. I can tell you a Pastor's love for his people is one of the most beautiful things that can be witnessed.

A Pastor lives a life of service, dedication and sacrifice.

The man in this photo ministers everyday at his church which is located in the middle of a massive landfill in Nicaragua. His community is considered as one of the "Seven Horrors of the World." His people survive by sorting through rotten garbage and salvaging what they can to sell or eat.

He earns no salary. He receives no praise for his efforts. His congregation is mainly children and he has no speakers, cameras or lights. Yet he LOVES and SERVES his people everyday.

He has only one focus and concern and that is the eternal salvation of the souls of the community. He said to me "Our doors are always open, well...because honestly we have no doors"

Church in Nicaragua dump

In this material world some men have great treasure, wealth and fame. He has absolutely none of these things. One day in heaven I look forward to seeing the mansion God has built for His loyal servants like this great Pastor.

Matthew 6:20


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