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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a nationwide event where people all across the country unite to give back and make a difference! Your support helps WMOC provide trade skill education, core curriculum classes, 15,000 meals a day, and 5.4 million meals a year!

World Mission Outreach focuses on providing a hand up, not just a handout. Our mission is to end the generational cycle of poverty through faith, nutrition, and education. We provide trade skill classes to equip our students with the tools to bring food to the table and a career for their future. World Missions Outreach students attends chapel weekly and are provided the opportunity to learn English, Bible, computer skills, agricultural and other trade skill classes. 

-Provide 15,000 Children a Daily Meal
-Provide 5.4 Million Meals a Year
-Founded & Operate 3 Schools

-Founded & Partner with 40 Churches

-Facilitate 40 Feeding Programs 
-Host & Accommodate Mission Teams

-Link Children with Dedicated Sponsors  
-Community Outreach Ministry
-Medical and Dental Clinics
-Provide Trade-skill & Self-sustainability Education

-English & Technology Education Curriculum

-Agriculture Education 

-Pastoral Community Coalition Ministry 

We measure our success by the success of our students that have gone through our program! We have students who never imagined graduating high school, who are now college graduates with prestigious careers. We have helped our students who didn't know how to dream of a future, create dreams, work hard, and achieve sustainable success.


We have graduates that are now pastors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, translators, hospitality managers, police officers, and leaders within their community. We even have a students who has gone through our program as a student and is now one of our teachers! We are giving students a chance at a different future. This isn't just a one time hand out that you will never know its effect. This is a way that we can truly measure the success of combating childhood hunger & end the generational cycle of poverty. This is how you change the future.

100% of every donation goes to its intended purpose. 

All of our WMO directors are volunteers! 

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