Birthday: July 13

Age: 15 years old

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Subject: English

Siblings: 2 brothers

Career Ambition: I would like to be a Doctor 

"I like to learn about different languages. my dream is to be able to speak English & French. I  have been studying at WMO school for 6 years. I started school here when I was in the 4th grade & 11 years old. I love it here. I have a beautiful family. It is me, my mother & my 2 brothers. My father doesn't live with us. I have not seen him in 5 years because he is in prison. My mother has always worked hard to support us and to make sure we can go to school. At home, my brothers and I are always by ourselves. My mom has to work all the time. We only see her 1 time a week and a total of 4 times a month. I get very sad at home, but thats why I love WMO school so much. I am very happy when I am at school and don't feel so lonely. I have a lot of friends here, plus the teachers  & directors really try to help us have the best education and opportunities."

Allison Diaz

Sponsor: Nancy Hurd