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WMO 2016 School Year has Started

Our World Missions Primary, Middle and High Schools have started back for 2016. Our students, parents, teachers & staff are excited to start the new year. Our students have a lot to look forward to with our Principal Martin & Vice Principal Judith having planned a year full of educational and fun events. Each school day starts off with chapel. The students then head to class where they learn the basic core studies along with English, Computer, Agriculture, Gym, Art, Home education & Woodshop. Here are some photo's of our WMO students in class and around school. Making education fun and practical to create succesful individuals that can manage self sustanability!

Everyday we have police officers at our World Missions School campus to ensure that each & every one of our students get to school safely!

Our 6th Graders geeting us during class!

Our middle schoolers during class.

One of our WMO teachers with some of our primary students.

Our Primary Students in class.

Time for art class!

We have some amazing students at WMO!

Our WMO Middle school students in class.

Our WMO Students love to great you with hugs!

Hanging out during recess.

WMO Students love to play futball! The Girls can hold their own against the boys!

Futbal in action!

We provide a healthy and even balance of making education fun for all our students.

Thank you for supporting World Missions Outreach help change the future for the now generation!


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