Nicaragua Students learn Self-Sustainable Education with Recycled Materials

Self Sustainable Mission Trips Nicaragua With World Missions Outreach

World Missions Outreach students in Nicaragua learn self-sustainable education by using recycled materials. Each WMO student learns how to plant their own vegetables, fruits, and gardens; thus ensuring, no child has to go to bed hungry!


So, How do you create a garden out of recycled materials?


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Ryan, from Canada Christian College, sharing planting 101 with WMO Students

1. Each student used a recycled plastic bottle as their planting container.

Snag your plastic bottle out of the trash and grab a pair of scissors!

World Missions Outreach Self Sustainable Education Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Lindsay, from Canada Christian College kicks off the planting project with WMO Students

2. Time to add the soil!

Our Team showed WMO students how to add the appropriate amount of soil for their plant to grow & shared with them on the importance of knowing what type of soil each seed needs.

Amanda Sowards Teaching Self Sustainable Education in Nicragaua
Mission Director, Amanda Sowards, teaching self sustainable education to World Missions Outreach Students

3. Space out & Plant your seeds!

Our team helped WMO students know how deep to place their seeds & the appropriate amount of space to leave between each seed.

Self Sustainable Education Mission Trip Nicaragua World Missions Outreach
Allie, Miss Great Lakes Earth, showing WMO Students how to plant their seeds.

4. Now, Add Water!

Our team explained to WMO students the importance of keeping their plants watered & show them the appropriate amount of water to add.

Best Mission Trips Nicaragua - World Missions Outreach

What did we plant?

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Peppers, and Cucumbers!

Self Sustainable Education Mission Trips Nicaragua

Why is teaching sustainability & agriculture important?

WMO students learned how to plant their own vegetables & fruits!