Jaden Kennedy Johnson

Teen Eco Puerto 2019

Teen Eco Puerto 2019, Jaden Kennedy Johnson, is raising money to help create a sustainable future around the globe. Will you help her reach her goal! 

Jaden Kennedy Johnson is 15 and a freshman in High School. She plays soccer, the violin, and is a straight A student who aspires to be a bio chemist scientist.


In her spare time she is an environmental advocate and strives to reduce her carbon footprint

World Missions Outreach is a nonprofit organization that is redefining mission work, mission trips, & humanitarian aid through developing a culture of self-sustainability. We provide a hand up, not just a hand out; through self sustainable education and nutrition.


World Missions Outreach provides 15,000 meals a day. 5.4 million meals a year, and over 92 million meals in total, provides self sustainable education through agriculture, woodwork, and core classes at 3 schools, provides high school graduates with full scholarships to college, and has 60 outreach programs. 

100% of every donation goes to it's intended purpose. 

Help Jaden reach her goal and make a difference through World Missions Outreach. 

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